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Hot and Cold

Posted on 01-02-2009

There are many things in life that require etiquette – eating out, conversation at parties, etc. But the most under-taught etiquette is by far ‘urinal etiquette’ – and yes, this time I’m talking only about the men. (Unless there are some women readers out there with a few secrets to keep)

Now in the rare event that I need to use a public washroom, I head for a stall. Call me old-fashioned, but there’s just something comforting about having a door and three walls to shield you from stares. But yesterday in the men’s washroom at work, an ‘incident’ occurred that left me in peals of laughter. I had gone into the washroom to try and get the scent of pepperoni pizza off my hands from lunch, when these two guys come walking into the washroom, already deep in some business conversation. Without even so much as an afterthought, they head straight to the urinals, stand next to each other, unzip and go about their business – all the while still talking! I mean it was just fascinating how they could carry on conversing like nothing was wrong…I didn’t know if I should laugh, scream, or offer to hold something. And just like that, they finished their business, washed up, and headed out, still babbling away.

It made me wonder – if they were negotiating a business deal, would they have ended the conversation with “Let’s shake on it“?

Update: Just got this link from Sam – these should be set in stone!


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