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BakefestDXB – batch number 3!

Posted on 26-10-2011

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***UPDATE Nov 8TH***

Participation is now CLOSED and the final list of bakers have been chosen! They are (in no particular order):

Archana Patwardhan
Chirag Desai @chiragnd
Hayah Taimur @Honey_n_Ginger
Spontaneous Euphoria @spontiphoria
Layal Takieddine @loul81
Kinjal Shah
VanillaSukkar @Vanillasukkar
Melting moments
Yasmin Mebar @YasminMebar
ToffeePrincess @ToffeePrincess
Naila Naiyyar @NNaiyyar
Meris Cherian @merischerian
Sahar Latheef Raheem @SaharLatheef

Yes ladies and gents,  it’s that time of the year again!


What’s that? You don’t know what BakefestDXB is? OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! No just kidding, we’ll probably just drown you in buttercream for your ignorance.

What is BakefestDXB?
BakefestDXB is an initiative to encourage community bakers here in Dubai. This will be our third time doing it, and there are always plenty of great treats on offer. You can take part as a baker, or you can come down and buy some of the mouth-watering treats that are going to be on sale. CHECK OUT THE PREVIOUS BAKFESTDXB  HERE

When and where is it?
This year BakefestDXB will be on Saturday, November 26th at Wild Peeta Open Space, located next to the World Trade Centre Metro Station, Dubai. The event will run from 1pm to 6pm, but bakers taking part will be allowed in earlier to setup their tables.

Why take part?
Simple – to show the world how much you love baking! There are some seriously talented bakers out there who deserve plenty of love and attention, and this is your chance to shine!

Okay, I’m interested – how do I take part?
Unfortunately the deadline for participation for BakefestDXB ended on October 28th, but you can still come by and look at all of the baking talent on show!.

How much does it cost?
BakefestDXB is 100% FREE to take part in 🙂 You just charge the hordes of hungry people per item you have on show, just like a regular bake sale.

How are bakers selected for BakefestDXB?
Everyone who is interested in taking part will go into a hat. On Oct 26th I will draw out 8 random names to get the first 8 tables for BakefestDXB. Everyone else who is left in the hat will go into an online poll where you have to get your friends and followers to vote for you to participate and nab one of the remaining 5 tables. The results of the poll and the final complete list of bakers will be announced on Nov 8th.

Can I still bring something to BakefestDXB if I don’t get selected?
Unfortunately no, only the final bakers exhibiting at BakefestDXB are allowed to bring in items for display or sale – sorry!

What are the rules for taking part?
The complete Rules and Regulations can be found on the RSVP Facebook or Twitter links below.

I’m part of the media and would like more information about BakefestDXB
Yay! Send an email to theregos[at]gmail[.]com with your query 🙂

So what are you waiting for? RSVP on Facebook or Twitter for the full details and how to participate as a baker. And don’t forget to use the handy-dandy AddThis links below to share this post!

P.S Anyone who’s in media or writes for a publication and would like to do a feature on BakefestDXB, please drop me a message on Facebook or Twitter! 🙂


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