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No Fems, No Fats, No Asians

Posted on 13-06-2011

This is what I read on about 80% of online profiles.

No Fems, No Fats, No Asians.

In theory it sounds like something that should be on a fucking t-shirt.

We all enjoy different flavors of the rainbow, and surely there are far nicer ways of expressing your sexual attractions, but No Fems, No Fats, No Asians seems to be the common practice for a good number of gay men.

No Fems – this indicates that you aren’t into ‘feminine’ or overly camp guys. Or ‘screaming queens’ as some guys write.

No Fats – this usually means you’re looking for a guy with a chiseled six-pack with a penis the size of a Pringles can. What I love the best are guys who mention their body type as “Athletic” or “Defined”, and then of course are nothing like that in real life. FYI guys, sucking in your beer belly while you snap your profile photo does not tag you as “Defined”.

No Asians – this irritates the hell out of me. Reality check – you’re in a region that has a pretty strong Asian population, so don’t act all hot and bothered if an Asian guy messages you. Also writing “NO ASIANS INDIANS PLZ NO OFFENSE” is just plain fucking insulting.

So pull your finger out of your ass and consider rewording your profile a bit.


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