Many of you who read my blog have emailed me various questions, most of them just simple questions like where I live, what I’m like in person, and what brand of shampoo I like. So, to veer off the path slightly, this post is an almost-complete picture of me.

The Basics
I’m a 33 year old single queer Indian guy. Though I savor food like the French and have sex like the Italians, I am an extremely social person. I am a towering 6′ 2″ in height, so I’m really easy to spot out in a crowd. I’ve apparently been blessed with a fast metabolism so that I always stay in the 59-63kg weight range, so yes I have a slim figure with no ass. Not a fair trade if you ask me. Black hair with brown eyes and rimless glasses. Love to smile and laugh as well. I am the youngest of 4 kids – 2 are married, 1 is too picky, and I’ve got relationship issues.

The Person
I would definitely describe myself as loud. I get my booming voice from my mum’s genetics, as well as her cooking skills. Food is very important to me, and I think any solution can be solved by talking it over a nice meal. I really like Italian and Chinese food, though I’m open to trying anything at least once. I love meeting new people, and once I get to know you well enough, I can’t stop talking. I love gaming and technology, as well as going on trips to the malls and unwinding with coffee and chocolate chip cookies.

The Life
I’m currently working as a journalist, which keeps me on my toes AND gives me shopping money. My weekends usually involve me meeting up with my best friends, or if they are busy, some random chap off shagdar. Mind you, I’m not a slut – I do not sleep with anyone until at least I’ve had dinner.

The People
I have very few close friends in my life. Which is great, because in school and college I was often surrounded by people, and very few actual friends. My friends are my lifeline – they are the reason I am happy to wake up in the morning, and the reason I look forward to weekends. I am not ashamed at being gay at all, and almost everyone I am acquainted with knows that I’m gay. However, due to my parent’s past cultural upbringing, I’ve found it best to keep this info from them until the right moment. Like a funeral perhaps. Hopefully mine.

The Man
As mentioned before, I’m single. I’ve only had 2 really serious relationships, but they were complicated. My ideal man would probably come out of a test tube, but until then I’m accepting applications. Over the years I’ve kept ‘adjusting’ the list of qualities I want in my man, but at the end of the day if I meet the right guy I’ll probably burn that list anyway.

Not enough info for you? Drop me an email at info [at] outinmyhead.com and I’ll answer your questions!