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How to survive a Dubai brunch

Posted on 17-07-2011

The ‘bunching’ concept is still somewhat alien to me. When I was younger all you had were a few hotels and restaurants that did buffets on Fridays and that was it. There was always Rainbow Steak House in Sharjah (an unintentional beacon of gay pride) that did an evening buffet for AED 35, which had everything from shrimp to steak to some fabulous desserts.

But as the years rolled past, the brunching phenomenon took Dubai by storm, and hotels found that it was a phenomenal way to attract diners. I was chatting to a friend of mine who is considering stopping into Dubai for a few days, and he made me promise him that I would take him on one of “Dubai’s legendary brunches”. Since when did we become famous for brunches? On the few brunches that I’ve been on, I’ve mostly seen carnage (a guy throwing up pink champagne at the table adjacent to us on my birthday brunch) and food flying everywhere. People love to pile stuff onto their plates and keep their glasses running over, so it’s no wonder that frankly I’ve found the non-alcoholic brunches more enjoyable and not to mention cheaper.

However for those of you who want to attend (and survive) a legendary Dubai brunch, I thought it would be useful to follow this very simple diagram:


Happy Brunching!


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