Who Let The Dogs Out?

Posted on 30-05-2011

I never thought that I’d see the day where I’d be sitting down to write a blog post about dogs, or more specifically dog treats.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve always liked both dogs and cats, but never saw myself as actually owning a dog. Now I live with three of them, and it’s safe to say they’ve pretty much left paw prints all over my heart (talk about a Hallmark moment).

So why the blog post about dogs? Well, I wanted to give a shout out to my friend Lin who has decided that dog owners in Dubai need to indulge a little more when it comes to their canine companions. At first I gave her my “you’ve gone mental” look and asked her who in their right mind would buy homemade dog treats when they could just get them from a store? After I ducked from some kind of blunt object that came hurtling towards me, Lin explained that there were benefits from buying her treats. For one thing, they are all organic and home made, and I can attest to that – the amount of time and effort that she puts into her treats is on par with artists painting their next masterpiece. Secondly, wouldn’t you rather feed your dog something healthy and fresh than scraping it out of a packet? What would you prefer, pureed chicken from a tin 365 days a year, or a beautiful roast chicken fresh from the oven? There are people who buy plush toys, fancy beds, sunglasses, and even clothes for their dogs, but when it comes to food they suddenly prefer the stuff that’s been sitting on a shelf for a good five months or more.

So go on people, treat your dogs to some of the good stuff, and check out Lin’s Doggie Treats (and like the page!) – you won’t regret it, and neither will your pooch 🙂 You can also catch Lin’s Doggie Treats on Twitter.

P.S Xpress did an article as well which you can read about here.

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