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The cupcake war

Posted on 02-07-2011

Dubai has been invaded by cupcakes.

Everyone is making them, and everyone claims to know what they’re doing.

Not so.

I will outright confess that I’m not a professional baker – I bake because I enjoy it, and I’m trying my best to hone my craft. I started with a very simple recipe for fairy cupcakes (though of course when I bake them I just call them “cupcakes”) and through much trial and error I have graduated to fancier things.

But all this baking has had one effect on me – I now cannot eat a cupcake bought from a store. I have eaten cupcakes at most of Dubai’s ‘fabled’ cupcake stores, and none of them meet my approval. I fail to see the appeal of having a bland cupcake sponge topped with 1 inch of sickeningly sweet buttercream that is quite literally slathered on. Half the time it doesn’t even taste like buttercream, but instead some horrible concoction of vegetable shortening, food color, and sugar. I also think it’s ridiculous to pay anywhere between AED 14 to AED 18 for a cupcake – I know that these places have to factor in costs such as rent, ingredients, labor etc, but if you’re going to charge that much for a cupcake at least make it enjoyable AND edible?

Prove me wrong – know of a cupcake place that I should try? Leave a comment!


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