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Need a Gay Best Friend? Just put your lips together and blow.

Posted on 09-10-2013


Problems finding the perfect friend to patiently listen to all your problems and give you advice!? Well here he is!! Once fully inflated this PVC doll stands at 50cm tall and takes on the roll of the perfect gay best friend.

Everyone knows someone who is in need of a caring, stylish and funny friend!!! This is a hilarious gift! All of your girlies out there would love to have someone to patiently listen to you and give you advice. All you need to do is blow him up and you will instantly have a new gay best friend!

He loves to shop, loves to dance, always listens to you, gives great fashion advice and most importantly will always tell you if your bum looks big. This PVC doll comes packaged in the colourful box as seen in the picture which makes this the perfect funny gift for your friend or colleague!

Guuuurl, buy yours today at Amazon (since Tesco came to their senses)


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