Ten people who don’t quite understand what #foodporn is

Posted on 20-10-2014

I’m fairly new to the Instagram party, having only really gotten into using it in the past year or so. Of course on Instagram it’s all about putting the right tags for your pictures, and since my Instagram feed is 80% about food, I will on occasion, use the “#foodporn” tag. But there are people on Instagram who haven’t quite worked out what this tag means. Generally, “food porn” refers to food that looks absolutely mouth-watering, that has been presented with finesse and an incredible attention to detail. Something like this:


#chocolate #cake #raspberry #dessertco #dessertporn #dessert #food #foodporn #foodstagram #instafood #followme #everyonelikesanicetart

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But sadly, there are people who don’t quite follow this rule, and either tag the most pitiful looking dishes or just tag a random photo because they felt like it. And so I proudly present, ten people who don’t quite understand what #foodporn is:

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